"Black Ice" Jewelry Photography Kit

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"Black Ice" Jewelry Photography Kit
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The "Black Ice" Jewelry Photography Kit is a specialized photographic lighting system created for a specific style of photography. It has everything you need to achieve professional results.

The "Black Ice" Jewelry Photography Kit is what professionals call an "open-set", and does not require an EZcube light tent. However, it requires more set-up space than an EZcube based kit. It does not create standard "white background" type images so it is not an ideal choice as an all-round Jewlery Photo Kit. But it allow's you to relatively easily take stunning images of your jewelry or other small subjects like the examples shown.

This kit is perfect for taking the kind of shots that might be used on catalog covers, in print ads, or as section head images for web sites.

How to use this kit for jewelry photography
  • Kühl Lite™ 120 Softbox {holds four bulbs}
  • Four Trumpet Top Daylight Balanced 5000K high CRI compact fluorescent bulbs
  • TabletopStudio Sparkler Light with 5" reflector
  • Small daylight balanced 5000K high CRI compact fluorescent bulb for sparkler light
  • 23" x 23" double-sided Black Acrylic sheet
  • White translucent 30" backdrop
  • 8'Heavy duty stand with arm for hanging the backdrop